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We believe that heat pumps will play a critical role in heating and cooling homes in Michigan in the future while reducing energy use. That’s why we created the Michigan Heat Pump Collaborative. We are committed to promoting heat pump technology in Michigan through education and training to encourage adoption of the technology. To do so, Consumers Energy, DTE, Indiana Michigan Power, and UPPCO have created this collaborative to support these efforts.

Our mission is to create a holistic education, outreach, and training forum around heat pumps to pursue deeper engagement with manufacturers, distributors, trade allies, customers, and more. We hope to work with and learn from you, our partners, to understand your business and what your customers need. We aim to remove barriers to increase the adoption of heat pumps in Michigan.

The Michigan Heat Pump Collaborative will bring you top tier education opportunities focused on heat pump technologies and resources to support you in the field with your customers. These trainings will be offered through a combination of webinars and direct training opportunities.